Yo fuck uKKKraine, seriously. When was the last time they have actually done something that didn’t involve blatant racism, anti semitism, or national chauvinism? They have a history of cossacks supporting tsarism, anarchist warlordism, nazi collaboration, and now this. These right sector Svoboda neo nazi nationalist fuckwits. I mean I don’t particularly like the Donetsk fighters because they are basically tankies who feel nostalgia about the USSR, but these guys make them look like saints. In fact, uKKKrainians are so damn racist that when Stalin was considering places to establish the Jewish Autonomous Oblast, he once thought about establishing it in Ukraine, but he decided against because he thought the Ukrainian people would try to kill the Jews there. The Holodomor was obviously made up nazi propaganda against the USSR, but who would actually care if millions of these people were starved and their crops given to people who weren’t neo fascist dickheads? I wouldn’t.

Pray for victory of the Donetsk separatists.
Ukrainians are the crackers of eastern Europe.

On today’s “WallBuilders Live” radio program, David Barton and Rick Green invited Texas Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert on on to discuss America’s role in the Mideast. Barton declared that “terrorism was really on the ropes” before President Obama removed the last U.S. troops from Iraq, but now “terrorism has really rebuilt itself … [because] this has been an administration that has not done a good job of trying to take terrorists down or take terrorism out.”

Barton and co-host Green repeatedly expressed their desire to have someone like Gohmert serving as president instead of President Obama because, they said, Gohmert understands the difference between good and evil, which Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry, and the rest of the administration can never grasp because they support abortion rights and gay marriage.

"I don’t know why that Louie [Gohmert] would think that John Kerry has any moral equivalency given the position that John Kerry holds on marriage, on homosexuality, on abortion, on religious conscience, on religious expressions," Barton said. "I mean, since he opposes everything that’s traditionally moral, why would there be a question of whether he’s moral" when it comes to terrorism?

While Barton said that he was being a little facetious, Green replied that he was absolutely correct because “if [Kerry is] so wrong on all these other clear moral issues, how can we expect him to figure this one out.”

"If you’re wrong on an issue as simple as innocent life, then you have real trouble with guilty life as well," Barton explained. "When you take an unborn child this is innocent life and he doesn’t think that that’s right and wrong to take the life of an innocent unborn child, then when you see something like Hamas, which is guilty people who are murderers being taken out, he thinks that that’s abominable."

"His whole value system is skewed," Barton concluded, "and that’s the way so much of this administration has been," which is why it has been wrong on everything from economic policy, social policy, and foreign policy.

"You just can’t be a world leader if you don’t believe that certain things are right and certain things are wrong":

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The Leader of the “free” world’s military has banned and blocked its employees from The Intercept, claiming that it is both illegal and a national security violation to read its content

"The report comes after The Intercept discovered that the U.S. military has banned all employees from visiting the news site and begun blocking it on work computers, purportedly because it has published classified material. Military employees reported being told it was "illegal and a violation of national security" to read The Intercept."